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February is National Canned Food Month! It’s time to revamp your pantry and stock up on essentials. Having a well-stocked pantry will allow you to whip up delicious and healthy meals any night of the week!

So what’s so great about canned fruits and veggies? We’ll tell you! Here are the top 10 benefits of adding canned fruit and veggies to your diet:

1. Nutrition
Peaches are picked and packed at the peak of freshness which means nutrients are locked in when the fruit is at its best! Think fresh is always best? Not so! Canned peaches are loaded with nutrition. Compared to fresh, canned peaches are 4x’s higher in Vitamin C, 10x’s higher in Folate, 1.5x’s higher in Antioxidants and comparable in Vitamin E.

2. Long Shelf Life
Canned fruits and veggies are ready when you are. Keep your pantry stocked and use them when you need them. Always keep a can of fruit chilling in your fridge for a handy, yummy snack.

3. No Preservatives
Similar to home canning, canned peaches are packed simply with farm-fresh peaches and a touch of sugar or fruit juice. That’s it! No chemicals or preservatives are added.

4. Safety
Canned foods remain safe as long as the container remains intact. The can is tamper proof and seals in a safe and delicious product.

5. Convenience
Canned peaches and peach cups are a portable and quick snack! Take fruit with you on the go. Just pop open a can or cup!

6. Less Work for You
All of the work has been done for you! Local canneries have already cleaned, peeled, de-pitted and chopped the fruit — no need to worry about messy or time-consuming food prep.

7. More Fruit and Veggie Servings
A recent study found that kids who eat canned fruits and veggies eat more servings of fruits and veggies as a whole! Learn more about the study HERE.

8. Available Year-Round
Many fruits and veggies are only available for a short time during the fresh season. Make a peach pie in the dead of winter with delicious canned peaches!

9. Locally Grown
California Canned Peaches are grown by family-owned farms, up and down California. Most peaches are picked within 100 miles of the field they were grown in! Be sure to look for the “Product of USA” to make sure you’re supporting your local farmers.

10. Less Food Spoilage and Waste
Do you hate throwing out fruits and veggies that have spoiled before you’ve had a chance to enjoy them? Canned options cut back on food spoilage and waste, while saving you money!

National Canned Food Month is the perfect time to stock your pantry with healthy and delicious canned fruits and veggies! Be sure to check out our recipe section for our favorite canned peach recipes.