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The Studies Are In: California Canned Peaches Make Snacking Delicious AND Nutritious

Whether you are talking to moms, dietitians, or researchers from the renown Oregon State University (OSU), the consensus is in: California Cling Peaches—the ones you find packed in cans or grab-and-go fruit cups—are one delicious and nutritious snack. Thanks to a study conducted by OSU and the Linus Pauling Institute, the California Cling Peach industry now has science to stand on. The multi-year-long study concludes that California canned peaches are nutritionally equivalent to their fresh counterparts, and that some nutrients increase thanks to the canning process. Click here to view a short video overview of the study:

Mother Knows Best:

A national survey of 2,700 moms showed that 94% of moms defined cling peaches as a “nutritious snack” when they learned that canning captures all of the fruit’s essential nutrients. The same survey noted that 100% of moms defined canned peaches as a “nutritious snack” when they learned that peaches are picked fresh and packed within 24 hours.

Dietitians Love Canned Peaches!

Laura Holtrop Kohl, MS, RD for Harmons Grocery reminds us that:
“Only 33% of Americans are meeting the recommendation for fruit intake! In the middle of winter, when those fresh juicy summer peaches, pears and tomatoes are a distant memory, the canned fruit aisle can help you meet your fruit needs.”

So in honor of National Nutrition Month and the 3rd, 4th and 5th generation family growers who’ve been tending the peach orchards all winter long, here are the…

Top 10 Reasons to Stock Your Pantry Now:

1. Science Says: California Canned Peaches are Just as Nutritious as Fresh
2. Just Like Home Canning: California Cling Peaches are Picked and Packed within 24 Hours
3. Just a Dash: Packed in Juice or Extra Light Syrup? You Choose. Both Contain Only 14 Grams of Sugar Per Serving!
4. Best Sorbet Ever: Freeze a Can Overnight and Thaw and Purée in Food Processor. Creamiest Non-Dairy Treat Ever!
5. Instead of Butter: Use Puréed Peaches Instead of Butter or Oil in Muffin Recipes.
6. Breakfast Toppers: Add to Greek Yogurt, Pancakes, Waffles, Oatmeal…
7. Easy Peach Salsa: Add Diced Peaches to Store-bought Salsa for Extra Nutrition and Flavor
8. One Dish Wonder: Mix Canned Beans with Diced Peaches, Chopped Red Onion and Drizzle with Olive Oil
9. Buy Local: When You Buy CA Cling Peaches, You Are Supporting Family Growers of the USA
10. Just Because: You Love Them! Kids Love Them! And We All Could Use a Taste of a California Summer Right About Now!